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1st Anniversary Issue

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- Why a newsletter is worth it's time


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Next Issue - Preparing for an audit

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about e-ccounting

e-ccounting is a monthly newsletter focusing on accounting tips and solutions. Our mission is to educate our clients, students and readers by offering these resources in response to your ongoing questions.

It is our objective to gather information and provide easy access for your current and future needs.
Back-issues are available on the accountrain website.

These tips are not complete answers to complex questions. We therefore recommend, when in doubt, contact the professionals or government agency.

about accountrain

accountrain simplifies the client / accountant relationship.

accountrain offers a unique combination of knowledge and people-skills to solve all your accounting needs.

accountrain specializes in the how's and why's of accounting.

Is accountrain the right accounting team for you? Find out more....

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Sandy's Question Corner

Do you have an accounting question? Send it to us at accountrain


accountrain is now offering a series of three workshops. Take one, two or all three and save as you learn. The informative and interactive format guarantees a comfortable and fun learning environment. The topics:

1. Understanding How to Read Financial Statements

  • Who's interested in your reports and why
  • Why there's more to the Income Statement than just the "bottom line"
  • What's so important about the Balance Sheet, and
  • Key accounts, definitions, ratios and samples to review.

    2008 dates: Nov 13th

2. Accounting 101 - for new and small business
  • Review of common questions, including GST, incorporating and many more
  • Choices for maintaining bookkeeping
  • Understanding government requirements
  • Shortcuts, tips and organizing all that paper!

    2008 dates: Nov. 13th

3. Year-end Prep & New Year Planning
  • It's never too late to get organized
  • Understand what's different including: depreciation, accruals, deferred revenue and prepaids
  • How to choose accounting help
  • Preparing for an audit, and how about avoiding an audit!
  • Learn to streamline your bookkeeping methods to save time and money.

    2008 date: Nov 25th

For more information or to register, email accountrain

  • Why a newsletter is worth it's time
  • Many of my colleagues have newsletters. Why I always wondered?

  • Is it because they want to share their expertise?
  • Is it because they want to add it to their list of accomplishments on their resume?
  • Is it because the want to use it as a form of advertising?
  • Is it because they want to keep their clients informed on their industry's current information?
  • Oh, it's all this, and a whole lot more!

    One of my readers from Wakefield, Quebec summarized it for me when he called after receiving one of the monthly e-ccounting newsletters. He informed me it was an educational read and I was always "top of mind" when someone asked him if he knew anyone who could help with their accounting needs.


  • Feedback
  • I receive feedback about my newsletter on a regular basis: via email, in person, from clients and from strangers. It doesn't matter the source it's always nice to hear.

    One of the first pieces of feedback I received was while attending a networking function, I will never forget it, she said "I receive a lot of newsletters every month, yours is the only one I read EVERY SINGLE WORD".

    Isn't that awesome, I knew I had made the right decision a year ago to start e- ccounting.
    Thank you Francoise Cote of Life Wise Nutrition in Ottawa.

    Many subscribers have written similar testimonials much like this subscriber from North Bay, On. who wrote: "The newsletters are very helpful, and I am learning a lot."

    It's feedback like this that reinforces the time and effort a newsletter takes.

  • Upcoming topics & opportunities

  • Upcoming Topics:

    I have ideas for many future topics, but will often put them aside when asked a specific question realizing many readers would benefit from this information.

    Future topics will include:

    • Preparing for an audit.
    • Who's interested in your reports, and why? # How to deal with accounting lingo.
    • Understanding government requirements and forms.
    • A series on the account types, including: Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue and Expenses.
    • and much, much more so stay tuned!

    I am surprised with how many clients and colleagues have asked to advertise in the e-ccounting newsletter. I have decided to make this available and will only allow one in each industry.

    See bottom of this newsletter for more details.

  • Contest for Readers

  • accountrain's
    goal is to double it's subscribers in it's second year.

    We need your help! - Spread the word.
    For each new subscriber you send us, we will enter your name in a draw. Each quarter, the winner will enjoy a 1/2 hour consultation to focus on your specific question(s).

    accountrain is notified by Constant Contact with it's new subscribers. In order to ensure your referral is counted, inform us via email when you've submitted a new entry.

    Good luck!

  • Memorandum
  • It would be remiss for me not to mention, with a heavy heart, that the person responsible for creating my ads and transferring e-ccounting every month to the accountrain website suddendly passed away in October.

    Thank you to Roman and his team at Koster Interactive Design for their outstanding work. Roman will be greatly missed.

  • Next Issue - Preparing for an audit
  • Yes, it's scary, but less so, if you're equipped.

    It is possible to know what to expect, get organized and be prepared.


  • What to expect.
  • How to organize your accounting records / papers.
  • How to prepare yourself for "common"' questions, and
  • Why it's important to have a "team" approach.

  • Available Space for Advertising!

  • If you are interested, please contact Sandy at accountrain@magma.ca



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