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22 years in business

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A funny thing happened when accountrain started advertising.  We weren't only getting calls for accounting gigs, we also started getting a lot of calls from both students and bookkeepers asking questions about working in the real world and starting an accounting business.

Based on these requests accountrain has developed two Mentoring Programs:

For newly graduated accounting students.

For experienced bookkeepers who want to work for themselves.

Successful Participants:

James Xu, graduated from University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, Specializing in Accounting in 2014.
James approached accountrain in the fall of 2015, we were able to assist him in many areas, including obtaining a position with a local accounting firm.  We wish James luck with the start of his accounting career.

"Working with Sandy (and some of her team) in the mentorship program has honestly proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Her program offers a wide variety of material to suit your needs and help you find a job, and I felt that her resume building and interview preparations to be the most helpful for me. I would say that her greatest strength would be her ability to communicate clearly and help you in a manner that makes you feel confident and secure, which is something that is rarely seen these days. The mentorship program was the main reason as to why I was hired as a Staff Accountant at a local CPA firm, and I would highly recommend it."  

Kelly Patchell, graduate of the University of Ottawa's Bachelor of Commerce, spring 2010.  Kelly started with accountrain to perform her 8 month paid co-op.  Upon completion of her co-op, she continued on with accountrain part-time while completing her degree and full time during summer breaks.  Based on the experience Kelly gained while working at accountrain on several client files, she was able to obtain her position to train as a CA at Collins Barrow in September 2011, one of her first choices.  Kelly is thriving at this position and is in good standing to complete her goal to become a Chartered Accountant in 2013.

We wish her luck.

Update – Kelly passed her CA exams, the first time, and is a CA / CPA.

"My time working and training with Sandy has been invaluable both personally and professionally. When Sandy first took me on as a co-op student during my studies in accounting at the University of Ottawa, I had no practical experience in the accounting world. Through Sandy's exceptional hands on training and mentoring I was able to gain hard skills, like bookkeeping and year end preparation, and gain confidence in my abilities. During my two years working with Sandy, I was able to acquire a vast knowledge base which was essential in helping me obtain my current job working towards a Chartered Accountant designation at a
firm in Ottawa."

Cate Morisset - an accounting correspondence student of University of Montreal / University of Athabasca Bilingual Bachelor accounting program worked under accountrain's guidance on several client files for two years prior to branching out on her own.  She learned a lot and was paid while gaining valuable and varied experience.


I can't tell you how many calls we get from students who have either just graduated or are about to graduate from an accounting program. They offer to work for free because they are desperate to gain working experience.  Or, as I like to say, EXPERIENCE IN THE REAL WORLD.

It's a catch 22, the student has little or no experience and the employer won't hire you without it.  So, where do you get the experience?  As well, without adequate experience you may lack confidence in your new found career choice.

Because we can't hire everyone, we have come up with a program that will guide the student to an accounting position, and for some, even assist in obtaining a co-op position or full time job.

Note:  This program may not suit everyone; there is no charge if the student does not go beyond the assessment stage of the program.

The program covers:

  • An initial assessment / questionnaire
  • Optional testing of accounting and software knowledge, to determine what and if additional training is necessary
  • Training on popular accounting software packages, based on individual needs
  • Introductions to potential co-op opportunities

The program is set at the pace of each participant as the majority of the steps are one-on-one consultations. Each participant will receive an individualized binder.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, call now (613) 789-2623, for your free initial assessment and then decide if this program is for you.

This program is facilitated by qualified staff with backgrounds in both job search and accounting.

Also included in the pool of resources are:  Job Finding Club facilitators, current mentoring students, employment agency staff and more.


We receive numerous calls from bookkeepers who are considering working for themselves.  Mostly they want to know, how accountrain got started, how to get clients, what if you don't know how to do something once you're responsible, and the list goes on.

In order to achieve success, here are some special characteristics to consider for working independently in the accounting industry, ask yourself, are you?:

  • committed, disciplined and reliable
  • honest, loyal and trustworthy
  • organized
  • thorough, systematic and able to follow through
  • able to multi-task and adaptable in different surroundings
  • able to work well independently and as a team player

If you think you have what it takes, accountrain can provide guidance and some helpful hints on landing clients, keeping them happy and providing assistance for the more difficult accounting tasks.



Workshop Studio & Flock Boutique

Owners:  Bridget & Christina

Workshop & Flock are located on Dalhousie and Wellingston Streets.  They have been featured several times including in Ottawa Magazine.

The boutique offers a unique assortment of apparel, jewelry and gifts, featuring many local artisans. and business. 

Both locations also offers classes given by some of the artisans.

If you are interested in advertising your business on the accountrain website, contact us for more information on the CONTACT US section of this website.

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