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accountrain is a full service accounting company who has been providing bookkeeping, consulting and training services since 1993.

Our success is based on the relationships we build with our customers, which we accomplish by providing the convenient service at your location and by becoming part of your team.

testimonial ~ as stated on the YouTube video on our home page. "...the bookkeeping aspect of things were so quickly under control that it really became about the people and how they meshed...".  "...they are, bar-none, the most flexible, adaptive, supportive team-oriented external providers we've ever worked with.  They really feel they are part of our team."
Jodi Fedor of Exuberance Beauty

Accounting & Bookkeeping, Consulting and Training services are available as needed and priced accordingly, which can include one or all of:

  • a one-time consult
  • ongoing weekly, monthly or quarterly appointments
  • an annual review

Service is also available at our site, if you prefer to drop off your shoe box of receipts we can also assist you with this.  (if you knew the owner Sandy, she would prefer the shoe box also includes a pair of shoes!)

We now offer Personal, Business, and Corporate Tax Return services!

Accounting / Bookkeeping

We provide weekly, monthly, quarterly or as-per-needed bookkeeping services up to tax preparation for both manual and computerized systems.

  • We now offer Personal, Business, and Corporate Tax Return services!
  • Data entry on a regular basis or to assist in backlog
  • Provide analysis of Balance Sheet items, including investment portfolios, prepaids, inventory, etc.
  • Maintain Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable


We can evaluate your existing procedures. Based on our findings, we recommend solutions to streamline the accounting processes and/or update your current computerized system to ensure it is handling your needs for the present and future.

  • Assist you in choosing a software package
  • Install initial and/or update existing software
  • Transfer accounting software systems


We design and deliver individualized modules on any accounting topic.   We can cater to the individual client's needs.

We teach clients accounting basics, follow-up on a regular basis and can assist again at year-end.

  • Provide individual training based on your specific needs
  • Provide group training on processes and software
  • Train staff on regular bookkeeping from basic data entry to year-end working papers (and everything in between)


Sandy has worked for various departments including:  Industry Canada, Department of Finance, Treasury Board, Office of the Auditor General, Public Works, and the RCMP.

Please contact us for more information on any of our services.

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