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News Article

I’d like to share this great article taken from the Globe and Mail, titled:

Why the first person I ever hired was a bookkeeper.

The author, Chris Griffiths talks about starting small, and needing to do it himself in the beginning, but as his business grew and he had a need to fill several positions, the bookkeeping one was first! Why?

As I often share in my workshops, and to paraphrase Chris “with real-time financial statements available, I am able to make intelligent decisions, changes and improvements, all of which contribute to my success.” “… you’ll see the the positive influence it will have on how to run your business every day.”

I couldn't have said it better myself!

Click here to read the rest of Chris’s article.

If you’d like more information on how accountrain can assist you with your bookkeeping needs, please contact Sandy at sandy@accountrain.com.


Why accountrain? 

accountrain has a proven track record, which is highlighted by the testimonials found

throughout this website. 

We have systems in place, we give you processes to follow using proper accounting

practices which ensure you reach your deadlines.

Our services have been known to reduce tax preparation time and costs.

accountrain offers a unique combination of knowledge and people-skills to solve
all your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

accountrain specializes in the how's and why's of accounting.

accountrain caters to your specific needs, as needed, so you can concentrate
on what you do best.

starburst  We offer Personal, Business, and Corporate Tax Return services!


Starting a new business, you may want help with:

  • Ensuring you choose the right accounting software for your specific needs.
  • Assisting with set-up.
  • Teaching you what you want to enter.
  • Answering all your accounting-related questions, ie HST, incorporating, etc.

Small Business or Consultants, you may want help with:

  • Understanding how to use all aspects of your accounting software or
    setting up a spreadsheet to track income and expenses.
  • Learning financial jargon and reading reports.
  • Hints, shortcuts and tips to reduce bookkeeping time.

Existing or Growing Business, you may want help with:

  • Ensuring your accounting department is running smoothly and/or
    personal is managing things properly.
  • Assistance in streamlining your accounting procedures.
  • Organizing all that paper!

Please refer to the Services page for more details on the bookkeeping,
training and consulting services offered.


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